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APTOS now available

Mara Aesthetics is pleased to announce that APTOS Threads and thread lifting methods are now available in Australia

APTOS Threads now available in Australia


ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr Konstantin Sulamanidze (co-inventor of APTOS threads and thread lifting methods) will be presenting APTOS at COSMEDICON. BOOK NOW to ensure your place at the APTOS Workshop.

Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay, Sydney 15-18 March 2018

Meet Mara
Meet Mara

Meet Mara

Mara Aesthetics was founded by Mara Bontempo-Ross, an accredited medical aesthetic consultant with more than two decade's experience in the medical and cosmetic industries.

About Mara Aesthetics
More about Mara Aesthetics

About Mara Aesthetics

We offer a range of cosmetic surgery products in the field of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures including the latest absorbable thread lift sutures. These thread lift sutures can complement the natural facial contours and result in a more natural lift with a minimum of downtime, no scarring and longer lasting results.

What is a thread lift
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What is a thread lift

Thread lifting is a popular minimally invasive procedure to achieve facial refreshment and improve skin quality without scarring. A thread lift can be performed in the Doctor’s medical suite and typically takes about an hour to complete. There is no scarring associated with a thread lift and results can last for several years.


We have many positive testimonials here are a few:

  • After my thread lift my face looked more refreshed and the tired look had gone. I liked the fact that results were immediate and over time the lift effect has increased.
  • I noticed my cheeks were sagging and I did not want to change my look but I wanted to look better. A thread cheek lift has given me a fresher, younger look and I was amazed how quick the procedure was and that there were no scars.
  • The thread lift has improved my appearance and I feel it has giving me the lift, firmness and volume that I has been lost due to ageing, I feel much more confident and am very pleased with the result and I could see the improvements immediately.